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Living Your Life in the Mid 20s: Why You Need Insurance A.S.A.P.


Farmers Insurance dogs swimming

Do you remember that Farmers Insurance dogs swimming ad? While stumbling upon that ad, we were briefly reminded of why we need insurance. Even though we're currently living our best life in our mid-20s, insurance is one of many essential requirements that we need to possess. So in this article, we will give you some facts and reasons why insurance is important for us young adults.

Why young adults are reluctant on getting insurance 

There are some reasons why many young people refuse to buy an insurance plan. The first and the most prominent reason is that young people don't know about the importance of insurance. While living the best life with multiple incomes and social connections, an accident could happen at any time. Insurance plans such as car insurance and health insurance will help you cover any possible expenses caused by any unfortunate events.

Another reason why young people are refusing insurance is the misconception about the difficulty of an insurance claim. However, this highly depends on the chosen insurance company. But most importantly, insurance claims wouldn't be difficult if we fully understand the insurance policy. Other tips that can be done are by consulting with relatives or experienced friends before buying an insurance product.

Benefits of insurance for young adults

Other things that we were reminded of after watching the Farmers Insurance dog swimming ad are the benefits of insurance. While most young adults are unaware of these, there are several benefits of insurance that they could get later in life. Some of the benefits include:

a.     Securing the future

Like the Farmers Insurance ad, we would never know what will happen in the future. While we can enjoy our life and our career, it is possible that we couldn't enjoy all of that later in our life. However, we will feel much safer and more secure about our future if we have insurance. Insurance will help anticipate any unexpected event that might give us a hard time while also taking care of our needs.

b.    Facilitates Savings

One of many things that we young adults find difficult to do is saving. While realizing the importance of saving for the future, it is typical for us to spend all our income on many things. Insurance could help to facilitate regular saving through its money-back policy. Some insurance companies that offer this type of policy will allocate our funds in the form of a premium. 

After a few years of investing in the policy, we will get the funds that we have saved a few years prior.

c.     Worry-free life

Still, remember that Farmers Insurance ad? If a similar accident happens to us, we don't have to worry. Even though what is portrayed in the ad is very comical and ridiculous, it illustrates how bad things could have happened. Insurance will help us achieve a worry-free state of mind since any unfortunate events that could happen have already been covered by insurance.

That’s all the things we need to know about insurance. Not only able to facilitate savings but insurance could also help us secure our future. As a result, insurance will help us focus more on the present rather than thinking about any unfortunate events that could have to happen in the future. So, before the event portrayed on the Farmers Insurance dog swimming ad happens to you, get your insurance now before it's too late.

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