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Insurance Will Probably Avoid You If You Own These Dogs


insurance dogs not covered

It is common to see that a homeowner insurance policy covers dog liability insurance. This is to ensure the safety of the dog itself and the people around it. However, most insurance companies tend to avoid having to deal with certain types of dogs. In this article, we will explain to you about insurance dogs not covered and what kind of dog breeds insurance companies tend to avoid.

Why do insurance companies avoid certain dog breeds?

It is often that home insurance companies ask their customers about their dogs. This is due to most homeowners insurance usually including liability covers for dogs. You have to understand that having a dog is quite risky. This is due to the possibility for dogs to attack and injure other people. These injuries caused by dogs could happen because of different things. Dogs can run into people, break properties, and bite. 

If an incident happens involving a homeowner's dog, dog liability insurance will have its role. For example, you own a dog. One day, your dog bites your neighbor. If this happens, the insurer should pay for different expenses for various claims. This claim could range from the medical bills of your dog's victim, property damage, and legal expenses if the victim chooses to take legal action. 

In 2020, a report said that the average cost per claim for the dog-related incident could go as high as $50,425. In addition to that, it is reported that around $850 million were paid in total for dog attack claims in 2020. The cost is rising by as much as 162% since 2003. Understandably, this is not good news for insurance companies as more and more people claim for various dog-related injuries.

Types of dog breeds insurance won’t cover

Due to previously mentioned reasons, most homeowners insurance companies have banned certain types of dog breeds. These dog breeds were prohibited due to their aggressive nature and high possibility of causing fatal injuries. Some of the most commonly banned dog breeds include:

·         Doberman Pinscher

·         Pit Bull

·         Rottweiler

·         Chow Chow

·         Wolf dogs

·         Canary dog

·         Akita

If you're planning to get homeowners insurance, it is best to check your insurance company's dog breed ban list.  It is essential to know whether insurance dogs not covered. There are several consequences if a homeowner is not honest about the dog they own. One of the worst is denied insurance claims if your dog is proven to cause injury and damage to other people.

Please be aware that banned dog breeds differ between insurance companies and states. Some insurance companies such as AIG, Chubb, and State Farm are known for offering dog liability insurance regardless of the dog breed. 

In conclusion, dog liability insurance could be useful for homeowners who own one or multiple dogs. However, be aware that some insurance companies might have a policy to ban specific dog breeds. It is better to give the insurance company truthful information regarding the dog breed that you own. By doing this, you could avoid any problems and mishaps. So, make sure to know which dog breed is banned from your insurance company policy to avoid insurance dogs not covered.

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