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Progressive Insurance Dogs Reviews for Those Who Need an Affordable Monthly Premium


progressive insurance dogs

Most people may know Progressive as one of the largest car insurance companies. On the other hand, some of them may not know yet that this company also offers Progressive insurance dogs for pet lovers. It started in 2009 when the company partnered with Pets Best, Lemonade, Geico, and Nationwide. Check the Progressive pet insurance review below before using it. 

Progressive Pet Insurance Coverage for Dogs 

The good thing about this insurance service is that it covers the cost of prescription drugs. You get this service, whether purchasing the accidents and illnesses policy or the accident-only policy. How about if you prefer to take your dog for alternative therapy? It is okay. This pet insurance policy will also cover it if you choose the comprehensive plan. As a result, your beloved dog can take chiropractic, acupuncture, treadmill therapy, and others to boost their health conditions.   

Types of Pet Insurance Plans by Progressive 

Progressive insurance dogs service has three different plans, the accident and illness policy, accident-only policy, and wellness care plans. Accident and Illness Policy covers the Essential Plan, Plus Plan, and Elite Plan. The annual coverage limit, reimbursement rate, and deductible are customizable. Unlike the first policy, the accident-only policy by Progressive is non-customizable. The deductible is $250 whereas the reimbursement is 90%. Your dog will get up to $10.000 annual coverage. This coverage helps your dog to take medical check-up, X-rays, medications, hospitalizations, surgeries, and many more. This service is suitable for owners who have a dog or puppy with body ingestion, trauma, bone fracture, car accidents, and other health issues. Wellness care plans consist of the essential wellness and best wellness. These plans are good for routine and preventive care, so your puppy grows healthy. 

The Cost of the Progressive Pet Insurance 

Progressive pet insurance plans can be a good option for dog lovers who only have an unlimited budget. The accident-only policy is only $9 per month for dogs. Take the essential wellness plan if you need more coverage services by spending $16 per month or $305 per year. Those who want the best for their dogs can purchase the best wellness plan by paying $26 per month or $535 per year. It is great to have an affordable pet insurance plan with complete services.     

The Way to Claim the Insurance Coverage

Progressive offers a more flexible way to claim pet insurance coverage where insurers can claim the coverage via an online portal and email. The company will process the claim in a week. The process is faster compared to other pet insurance plans.  

Purchasing Pet insurance for dogs is crucial. The insurance coverage helps a lot to treat your dog when they are suffering from broken bones, bite wounds, and other medical conditions. Progressive insurance dogs plan is even useful for lab testing, regular medical check-up, or diagnostic testing if your dog needs them. Good preparation will support your puppy or dog to get the best medical treatments for maximum results. Indeed, you can also limit the cost because of the insurance plan.  

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