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Royal Canin Boxer Puppy

Royal Canin boxer puppy has been introduced by Royal Canin, the presence of the tailored food has given hopes for pet owners who are struggling to find suitable food for their dog. Royal Canin is known for developing designed food for specific breeds and ages, it is not surprising to find a Royal Canin boxer puppy on their shelf. The reason why the manufacturer decides to develop this specialized food is that boxer puppies and adults tend to need specific diets to ensure their balance of nutrients.

As the dog requires specific needs, the manufacturer then develops the products that are suitable for boxer dogs. Before we discuss the benefit of consuming tailored food, we need to know the posture and the behavior of the dog to understand why specialized food is needed.

Boxer Puppy Behavior

Royal Canin Boxer Puppy

Just like any other puppies, boxer puppies are also energetic types, it loves to play and mess around the house. If you leave them for a second, they might turn your house upsides down. Although they like to mess around the house, this dog can be gentle to children and its owner, it is the reason why most pet owners decide to have a boxer dog as part of their family.

Since the dog is very active, you might need to keep your belonging away from them, especially those which are easily broken. Bower puppy is not for those who love quite a house, because boxer dog tends to make sounds ane very expressive. The noise that comes out of their body is not only barking but also snoring, whining, sneezing, grunting, and passing gas, and it doesn't smell like a flower.

The dog indeed has destructive behavior, they might ruin your carpet sofa, pillow, and even your bed. This destructive behavior presents when the pet owner failed to spend time with them because this dog needs attention.

One of the solutions to control the dog's destructive behavior is to regularly take it for exercise such as walking, moreover, this dog might also experience separation anxiety, this dog can be said clingy to its owner and they don’t want to be separated from their owner for too long.

These behaviors inspire the Royal Canin to develop a tailored food Royal Canin boxer puppy, hoping that this food might help the dog in controlling some of their behavior while keeping their nutrients fulfilled.

Boxer Body Structure

Royal Canin Boxer Puppy

Boxer is originated in Germany and then it is spread all around the European countries. Boxer was used as a hunt dog. People choose this dog because it is strong and it can also hold the hunted prey. Boxer dog has a wide understood jaw as well as side wrinkle that help them to keep the pray on their mouth.

Generally, the dog is classified as a medium to large dog with a heavy bone set that makes the dog look strong. The ideal size and appearance of a boxer dog should be medium size with a short back and strongly develop muscle and alert expression. The male boxer is ranged from 23 to 25 inches while for the female it can be around 21.5 inches to 23,5 inches which also means that the female boxer dog is smaller than the male one but still the difference is not too much.

A Boxer can weigh up to 60 pounds and smaller than 70 pounds, but if you are not regularly taking your dog for exercise, it will be oversized and become less active compared to the other dog.

There are differences that you might notice on boxer dogs, including ear and tail, some boxer dogs might have cropping ears or natural ears, docking tail or normal tail. Some features of this dog are illegal in some countries, but it doesn't mean that it cannot be found. It is also because of its body structure that makes Royal Canin boxer puppies are needed, although dong usually can eat general food tailored food as Royal Canin boxer puppies give them better nutrients to support their body mass.

How to Care for Boxer Puppies

Royal Canin Boxer Puppy

The first thing that you can do is to give them specialized food such as Royal Canin boxer puppies, the food is not only designed for specific size and shape but also specialized nutrients to cope with their muscle growth. puppies need to be fed at least 3 to 4 times a day, it also needs to take vaccination on time including hearth worm. The puppies need to know their schedule, so you need to do everything on the tile, it is not only the feeding time that needs to be on time but also exercise, walk, grooming, as well as time to sleep.

Why Do You Need Royal Canin Boxer Puppies? 

Royal Canin Boxer Puppy

Royal Canin boxer puppies are designed for 8 weeks dogs to 15 weeks dogs, the food is designed to help puppies develop strong builds, short muzzles, and adorable underbites.

Royal Canin boxer puppies are shaped like a wave because they tend to be short muzzles and jaw. The food not only contains high-quality protein but also has antioxidants, such as vitamins C and E, which are beneficial to support their developing immune system as well as to keep their bodies growing strong. Protein and L-carnitine in the food support healthy muscles as well as support your large breed puppy’s digestive system, high-quality proteins. Adding prebiotics to the food help to promote optimal stool quality.

Since Royal Canin boxer puppies are designed for a specific purpose, many pet owners choose to feed their dogs with Royal Canin boxer puppies to ensure their growth and health. You need to remember that the food is only suitable for boxer puppies who are younger than 15 weeks, when they are older than that you can give them the adult food for the boxer breed.

Although the food might help you to keep the dog healthy, you also need to pay attention to their psychological problem. As it is mentioned before, the dog tends to have anxiety on separation, so you need to teach them about how to cope with it. 

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