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Royal Canin Labrador Retriever Puppy

Royal Canin labrador retriever puppies are tailored food that is specialized for labrador retriever breeds. The manufacturer designed these products to ensure that labrador retriever puppies might grow strong, it is also designed to make the puppies control their eating and digestive behavior. It can be said that royal canin labrador retriever puppies are specially developed for these kinds of problems that are raised among the Labrador retriever breed.

Labrador retrievers have developed bad eating habits when they are young, the overeating behavior is in their nature. It is the reason why they often face digestive problems and often it can lead to obesity when they don't exercise daily.

The overeating habit of the labrador retriever is the main reason why the design of the food is different from others, it is not only the ingredients of the kibble that dissect from other food but also the shape of the food that is specially made.

Why Do People Choose Labrador Retrievers as Their Pets?

Royal Canin Labrador Retriever Puppy

Labrador retriever is categorized as a medium-size dog making this dog suitable for a family pet that has children. it can be alert to a stranger but very friendly to its owners or people he knows. What makes this dog is family favorite is because it is a smart dog, it is a lot easier to train this dog compare to others.

This dog tends to understand the task very well and act according to what is asked. Maybe it is the reason why adult labrador retriever is used to be an accompanied soldier during the war. You can train your labrador retriever puppies using snacks or food because it will help them to understand the instruction when the reward is food as the dog loves to eat.

Labrador retriever is also a bird dog which is named after their soft mouth. The reason why they are named bird dogs is that they can keep the bird in its mouth without damaging the bird.

They are gentle by nature which makes the dog suitable for families with small children and other small pets because they won't attack them instead they will be very careful in dealing with children and other pets. In addition, this dog is incredibly patient and loyal, you won't see them being aggressive around pet owners as long as they are well trained.

Since the dog has outstanding behavior among the family member, it is understandable that pet owner tries to find the best food for their labrador puppies to help the dog maintains its optimal energy and posture. Choosing a royal canin labrador retriever puppy is the best solution because the nutrients that are added to the food are perfectly suitable for the breed as well as the age of the dog.

Royal Canin Labrador retriever puppy is only suitable for labrador puppies, so you might need to change the food when they are stepping to adulthood. Royal Canin Labrador retriever puppy is a kibble dry food just like any other dog food but it may contain additional nutrients that are needed for your labrador retriever.

Why Choose a Royal Canin Labrador Retriever Puppy?

Royal Canin Labrador Retriever Puppy

The main reason why a pet owner chooses a royal canin labrador retriever puppy is that this food is suitable for young labrador puppies that are younger than 15 months old. You don’t have to change their food after a couple of weeks like some of the dog food, because it is difficult to calculate the exact age of your dog in weeks.

But royal canin labrador retriever puppies allow you to stay in one product for an entire first year, you might need to introduce other food after your labrador puppies celebrate their first birthday.

What are the Nutrients in Royal Canin Labrador Retriever Puppies?

Royal Canin Labrador Retriever Puppies

The kibble on royal canin labrador retriever puppies is made from high-quality protein to maintain the body mass of your dog. The food contains vitamin E as well as antioxidant ingredients to help the dog in maintaining their immune system, the immune system of a dog is developed step by step so it is the task of the pet owner to make sure that the development of your dog's immune system proceeds smoothly by giving them suitable food and vitamin.

The food is also allowing your dog to develop strong muscle and bones without being overweight, as the food is also designed to control their overeating behavior through palatable-shaped kibble. In addition, the food also contains probiotics and calcium, it is a full nutrient food that is simple to give.

Labrador Retriever Exercise

Royal Canin Labrador Retriever Puppy

Labrador retriever puppies are not only smart but also active, they love to play and do exercise as the dog is very energetic. Pet owners might need to spend at least one hour a day to accompany their dog to have daily exercise. Labrador retriever loves all kinds of game and sport, you can take them to run, swim, walk, and do any other activities.

Besides taking them to walk and do exercise, you also need to train them since young, you don’t have to pay for the professional to teach them because the dog is already smart by nature. There are several things that you need to teach them, first is to socialize with other dogs and people.

It needs to be done in the earlier months of their lives because it will make them friendly and gentle to people around him or them. You also need to train them to be obedience, you can start by teaching them simple tricks like sitting and waiting for the food patiently, another obedience program that you need to teach your dog is how to walk with a loose leash because you don’t want them to run wild when it is outside.

To train your labrador retriever, you need to use positive reinforcement, reward them with treats, toys, and cuddles as it will boost their motivation to learn and to follow your instructions. In case you find it hard to train your dog, then you might need to take your dog to dog school. 

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