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Royal Canin Puppy Labrador

Providing food for your puppy is a challenging task, you need to ensure that the food you bought is suitable for their body as well as the size and shape are helping your puppy to chew the food properly. Although adult labradors and puppy labradors are the same in breed both of them require different food. Royal Canin puppy labrador is not only designed for labradors but it is specially developed for puppy labradors and it might not be suitable for adult labradors.

As it is known labrador has the habit of overeating, which is the reason why they often have digestive problem. The present of royal Canin puppy labrador is to train your dog to control their eating habit by properly chewing the food they have.

What Makes Royal Canin Puppy Labrador Different Than Adult Labrador Food?

Royal Canin Puppy Labrador

The difference can be easily found in the size of food, royal Canin puppy labrador is tailored to fit a puppy which means the size will also be under consideration. Although the shape might be just the same (a donut shape) the size is utterly different. The size of kibble for the royal Canin labrador is smaller than the adult version. the manufacturer hopes that the size and the shape of the kibble will help the puppy labrador to control their overeating habit.

Moreover, the distinction of puppy kibble by the royal Canin does not only lay in terms of size and shape. For an adult labrador, the manufacturer focus on developing products that it supporting the body mass of the dogs as well as reduce the possibility of inherited illness by giving them balanced nutrients to support their joint and hearth.

For a puppy labrador, royal Canin is not only concentrating on developing the product that is suitable for the adult breed but also the puppies. The kibbles for royal Canin puppy labrador contain vitamin E and other ingredients that help puppies develop immune systems and antioxidants.

There is the reason why royal Canin puppy labrador has vitamin E antioxidant nutrients because puppies tend to get sick easily as their body is still developing and fragile. As the result, food that contains nutrients that help them to develop their immune system is required. Not only does it contain Vitamin E and antioxidant vitamins, but it also contains probiotics and minerals. It is a complex food that helps you to simplify your task in feeding your puppy labrador. 

Why Puppy Labrador Needs a Royal Canin Puppy Labrador?

Royal Canin Puppy Labrador

Puppy labrador needs royal Canin puppy labrador because this food is suitable for their development, behavior, and physical development. Puppy labrador is known for their energy it is like a child who never gets tired to run, jump, swim and play fetch. Since the puppy is very active, they require foods that provide them with suitable energy.

This behavior makes puppy labradors require high protein on their diet, although they can eat some vegetables animal protein is still their basic need. As puppy labradors require high protein foods to support their energetic behavior, royal Canin puppy labrador became the best solution so far because the main ingredients of the kibble are high-quality protein, probiotics, and calcium which will be beneficial for the development of the labrador?

When Can the Puppy Labrador Eat Kibble for Puppies?

Royal Canin Puppy Labrador

Labrador puppies can consume kibbles after they can chew their food, if their teeth are not yet grown then you might need to wait a little bit longer while still giving them smooth food which can be easily diggest or giving them milk can also be possible if the dog is still unable to digest the kibble. If the dog has already developed their teeth and can chew the food you can start giving them kibbles for puppies.

The kibble for puppies can be eaten for puppies who are younger than 15 months old, when your dog has reached 16 months old then you can change their food to adult kibble which is also from royal canin. Through the early 15 months, you can give them this puppy's kibble without additional food or supplement as long as it is not recommended by the doctor because the food itself already has nutrients and vitamin that is suitable for your puppies.

However, you can start introducing varieties of food such as broccoli and carrot in small amounts. when your dog, is older than 16 years old then you can start giving them more diverse food depending on the condition of your dog. Although giving a dog might seem to give benefit to your dog but it is not recommended when your dog can already chew their food, because the nutrients that are contained in milk will be different from the puppy's kibble. If your dog no longer depends on its mother for milk then it means they are ready for puppies kibble.

Types of Exercise for Labrador Puppies

Royal Canin Puppy Labrador

Labrador is an active dog, it can be seen from the early age of the dog. As the result, pet owners need to allow the pet to be energetic. The type of exercise that is loved by labrador puppies is swimming, you can teach your dog to swill after they reach one year old and sometimes a younger dog can swim before they even reach one year. Labradors love to swim, they are natural swimmers. Once you teach them how to swim then it will be hard to make them leave the poll.

The length of exercise of a labrador will be different depending on how old he is, if your dog is 6 months old it means that it needs 30 minutes of exercise every day, the older it gets the more length of exercise that it needs. One-year-old labrador might require at least one hour of exercise on daily basis.

However, when your dog has already reached old age then it might less active than younger dogs, so reducing the length of exercise will be required if your dog has reached 4 years old. 

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