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Large Breed Dog

The breed can be classified based on the size of the dog, small dogs are common among people who live in a small apartment because they don’t require much space than a large breed dog. A medium and a large breed dog are suitable for the family pet, they do not only playful and kind but also a perfect protector for your house.

Large breed dogs are varied, you can find the ones with fluffy hair and some of them might have shorter hair compared to any other dog. Before deciding what kind of dog you want to have, you need to consider the behavior of the dog first whether they will fit your family member as well as any other pets in your house.

You also need to consider the size of your house; if you live in-studio, having a large dog might be difficult especially if your dog is active. So considering their size and their behavior before adopting one is a necessary thing to do.

The Behavior of the Large Breed Dog

Large Breed Dog

If you are thinking about having a large dog, you need to know that large breeds tend to be more aggressive than small dogs, it is the reason why a large breed is often chosen as the house guard. A large dog is easily excited compared to a small one and they are also easily nervous, as the result they might get easily suspicious of strangers and they might get easily get scared of loud noise such as thunder.

The main reason why people choose a large dog is that a large dog is active and athletic, it is suitable for those who love to do exercise and need a companion to do sport. Larges dogs love sports, they are not limited to running and playing fetch but they can also be a good swimmer.

Some of the Biggest Dog Breeds That You Can Have as Pets

Large Breed Dog

St Bernard is one of the large breed dogs that are commonly adopted as worker dogs, St Bernard can weigh more than 117 kg. Although the dog is friendly, St Bernard is mostly known as a rescue dog at Swiss alp. Although the dog is known as the working dog, you can still adopt it as a pet because the dog is both friendly and loyal to the owners.

Newfoundland is heavier than St Bernard, similar to St Bernard this dog is also a rescue dog but its specialties are water rescue since the dog is an excellent swimmer. Anatolian Shepherd is another working dog that has a massive body, this dog is commonly owned by farmers around Turkey. They choose this dog because it can keep their livestock safe as the dog is known as brave, strong, and muscular. Its body posture makes the Anatolian shepherd become the perfect protector for the sheep and any other livestock.

What Kind of Food is Suitable for Large Dogs?

Large Breed Dog

As most of the large dogs can be also your working companion, you need to ensure that the nutrients on their food are suitable to maintain their body mass and muscle to optimize their performance. Royal Canin food for the large breed can be one of your choices, the manufacturer doesn't only divide their products based on the breed of the dog but also the size of your dog. Royal Canin is now having products that are suitable for most large dogs that you can think of.

Large dog food needs to have consisted of balanced nutrients, it is not only consisted of fiber but also high-quality protein. Besides the nutrients, the shape of the food is also important, if you choose the royal canin product you can expect your dog food to be easily diggest. Since it is designed for a large dog, the size of the kibble is also large to make it palatable.

Food dogs from large breeds also need to contain EPA and DHA as well as other nutrients to support their bones and joint hearth. If you are not sure about the diet of your dog, you can always check the breed description on the manufacturer's website to decide what kind of food is suitable for your dog. Royal Canin has a large variety of dog foods that are not only classified by size, age but also by the type of breed that your dogs are classified into.

For example labrador dog which is classified as a large dog, you can feed them with large dog food from Royal Canin but it might be better if you can feed them with tailored food by royal canin which is specialized for labradors. It is because labrador has overeating habit that might cause a digestive problem, so the manufacturer has come out with a special diet to control this behavior.

It is different from other types of large dogs that can eat general large dog food. For example, the Akita dog is classified as a large breed dog that is originally from Japan. This dog is known for its loyalty and calmness. For Akida dogs, you can feed them with large dog food in general, you don’t have to buy designed food for its breed.

Although it might need general dog food for a large breed, this dog can only be owned by an experienced owner because the nature and behavior of this dog are different from any other dogs that you have encountered.

Large Breed or Small Dog?

Large Breed Dog

Are you still can’t decide to choose between a large breed and a small dog? If you still have no idea about what kind of dog you want try to think about what kind of companion you want to have? Do you want a dog who also can accompany you to work in your field or do you only want a stay-at-home dog?

Will you be able to do exercise with your dog for at least one hour a day? Will you take care of the dog by yourself or will your family member help you to keep the dog active? Where do you live? Do you live on a farm, suburban area or do you live in the central of the city? Asking questions to yourself might help you in deciding what kind of dog you need.

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