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5 Lists of What the Biggest Dog Breed and How to Feed It

5 Lists of What the Biggest Dog Breed and How to Feed It

 Dogs are one of the most popular types of pets, one of which is because they are very smart. With his intelligence, the owner can train the dog with a variety of exercises. In addition, dogs are a type of animal that has many different types of. Each type of dog also has different advantages, and some of them have large bodies. Large dogs can certainly be friends that are no less fun than small dogs. So, what's the biggest dog breed in the world, and how to feed it properly? 

5 Kinds of What’s the Biggest Dog Breed

Dogs are known as loyal animals. There are many types of dogs that you can choose to care for and make your days fun. Owners are supposed to provide food, shelter, responsible care, and love. The dog will obey and love you. 

The dog you care for doesn't always have to be a cute little dog such as Chihuahua or another. You can also choose a big dog that is also suitable to accompany your day. If you don't have a reference yet, here are some of the whats biggest dog breeds in the world that maybe one of them you can take care of.

1.      Biggest Dog Called a Great Danes

The first largest dog breed is the Great Dane, which comes from Germany. The Great Dane breed comes from a cross between an English mastiff and an Irish wolfhound. If you've only seen dogs of normal size before, then you'll be amazed when you see a Great Dane. This dog can have a height of up to 1.1 meters.

The weight of this dog is also the largest in the world.

Although initially this largest dog breed was bred as a hunting dog, it is now also quite popular as a pet dog. How about the food? In the same cases as other types of dogs, owners need to provide nutritious food to avoid health problems.

2.      Scottish Deerhound

Still curious about the biggest dog breed in the world? Well, this is the second-largest dog breed in the world. The next big dog breed is the Scottish Deerhound, which has long legs like a deer. As the name implies, this dog breed originates from Scotland.

Formerly the same as the Great Dane, this dog is a type of hunting dog that was once used to hunt deer. These dogs can reach 81 cm in height and weigh up to half a quintal.

3.      Irish Wolfhound

There is also an Irish Wolfhound breed which is widely used as a hunting dog. Yes, the average large-bodied dog is bred and trained to hunt at first. There is a story that says that this dog breed developed from war dogs to hunting and guard dogs. So once this dog breed was used by the Irish as a war companion.

However, if you are interested you can take care of it even though it is often used as a hunter dog. Because this dog breed is smart and calms enough so that it can be trained and become a playmate.

4.      Dogue de Bordeaux

You may be quite unfamiliar with this biggest dog breed. One of them is the Dogue de Bordeaux. This dog is also known as the most ancient French dog breed and one of the lists in what's the biggest dog breed. The Dogue de Bordeaux can be 58-68 cm tall and weigh between 56-68 kg.

5.      The Great Swimmer Called Newfoundland 

Have you ever heard of a dog that is good at swimming? That’s right, the Newfoundland Large Dog is a dog that is good at swimming. That is why, unlike many large dog breeds, it was never a guard dog. 

However, these dogs are widely used to help fishermen work. These animals help by pulling nets and ropes from boats or pulling carts. Generally, this dog breed has a height of 68-76 cm and weighs up to 68 kg. Newfoundland can indeed look bigger, but that's just thick fur, very adorable, isn't it?

How to Feed the Biggest Dog Breed 

5 Lists of What the Biggest Dog Breed and How to Feed It

Having a pet means being able to take care of it and maintain its health. The way to care for puppies to adulthood regardless of their type is to provide the right food. The goal is that the development of this dog can match its age. However, a healthy diet alone is not enough. Portions and doses cannot be arbitrary. For guidelines, you can read the explanation for feeding the dogs or ask the expert about it. The intensity of feeding dogs, including the largest dog breed, is to pay attention to their age and dosage.

Owners can make the food by themselves. However, it will be quite messy especially if you have many activities. As an alternative, you can buy premium quality special dog food like Royal Canin which provides a balanced diet. Owners don't need to worry about their dogs not liking it because there are various types of food and flavors. 

The main needs of dog food are protein, fat, carbohydrates, certain vitamins, and minerals. Protein functions for muscle growth. Fats and carbohydrates are important for energy. Good dog food also contains vitamins and minerals. Don't worry because Royal Canin is a smart solution including dogs in the list of what's the biggest dog breed, so you don't have to worry about whether the nutrition has been fulfilled or not.

Avoid giving human food to dogs even if it appears to be rich in nutrients. This can lead to an imbalance of vitamins and minerals which can lead to bone and tooth problems. This will cause other problems.

This is the information about what’s the biggest dog breed is and the feeding. Loving your dog totally will give them a sense of affection and being loved. Besides giving good food such as Royal Canin for the biggest dog breed, make sure you provide clean and fresh water for your dog to drink. Clean the dog's food dishes regularly, including the cage.


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