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6 Best Features in Royal Canin Adult Dog Food


6 Best Features in Royal Canin Adult Dog Food

Food is the main need of every living thing, including pets like dogs. Pet owners must pay attention to the daily intake of their dogs, especially adult dogs. As they grow older, it is necessary to feed the dog according to the daily energy requirements. This is because adult dogs have different body sizes and stomachs than puppies in general. So, how to feed the right food for adult dogs? Is Royal Canin the best to give to adult dogs and how to give Royal Canin adult dog food?

A Healthy Diet with Royal Canin Adult Dog Food

Now your dog is no longer a puppy. He has grown into an adult dog with a bigger stature. It also affects how many doses of food. It is a sign the owner should look for the type of food or knowledge about the right portions for adult dogs. 

Luckily there are a wide variety of foods suitable for adult dogs. Royal Canin adult dog food was also created to meet the nutritional needs of adult dogs. With a variety of different types, you just have to adjust to the tastes and preferences of your dog.

Not only does it provide a variety of dry and wet food, but also various types of snacks as an additional intake for adult dogs. There are even special foods for dogs with sensitive digestive systems. Regarding taste, you shouldn't worry because there are various flavors available and this product has a rich selection of flavors. So, all you have to do is adjust which type and flavor is your dog's favorite.

Currently, there are many types of dog food on the market. Of course, this makes you confused about which type of food is the best and fits your budget. One of the recommended foods is Royal Canin, especially for adult dogs. What are the superior points of Royal Canin adult dog food? 

  1. This dog food is deliberately made according to the stage and age of the dog. Food for adult dogs is certainly different from puppies. The materials used are of high quality. This product adds a taste that dogs like so dogs can enjoy delicious and highly nutritious food. 
  2. You scan change your dog's diet at every meal because this product is available in variants of super crunchy dry food or melted wet food. This keeps the dog from getting bored because it has many choices. 
  3. Formulas created to suit the type of dog and other needs. So the owners will not run out of mind in serving the best food for their adult dogs.
  4. In addition to the variety of flavors and types, this food also contains the nutrients that adult dogs need. Contains antioxidants that are good for immunity.
  5. Adult dogs will usually experience a decrease in skin health. Therefore, Royal Canin adult dog food also adds omega-3 which is good for skin health.
  6. There is protein and fiber which is good for the health of the dog's body and helps expedite the digestive system.

Here are the Tips for Giving Royal Canin Adult Dog Food

6 Best Features in Royal Canin Adult Dog Food

Before knowing the right amount of food, you need to provide the quality food needed to meet nutritional intake. You cannot be rude to give as you want and have because they need to be healthy as well. Avoid giving unnecessary food and make sure the food does not contain harmful contents. Bad food will influence the digestive system. In addition, you need to pay attention when it eats, don't let it eat too fast, because it will lead to problems in the digestive system.

To prevent your adult dog from eating too fast, use a dog food bowl with an event center and sides. You also need to be consistent in giving food. Here are some tips you can try to maintain your dog healthy and nutritious.

1.    Understand the Portion Given and Adjust to the Age and Size of Its Body

Giving dry food such as Royal Canin adult dog food is a common food choice. Most owners choose this type for some reasons such as the easiness and the nutrition in every package. For how many doses, you can adjust to the age and body size of the dog.

As it gets older, it will need different nutritional and calorie intake. Give food using a cup as a measure. This will be useful to help you be consistent and know the dog’s needs. In general, one cup has the same measure which is about 250 milliliters.

2.    Pay Attention to the Dog's Type and Weight

Dog owners are usually the ones who know the most about their dogs. Even so, you can still ask more experts to get the right knowledge. Pay attention to the type and weight of the dog. There are two types of dogs, namely dogs that are active and less active. The following is a benchmark for proper feeding for adult dogs in one meal.

If the dog weighs 10 kilograms with an active type, then you need to feed as much as 150 grams of Royal Canin adult dog food, or about one and a quarter cups. If the dog weighs 10 kilograms with a less active type, then you need to feed as much as 120 grams or about one cup.

Small breed dogs or small breeds burn calories faster than large dog types. For small breed dogs, such as Poodle and Dachshunds are usually fed 2-3 times a day. For large races enough 1-2 times a day. 

3.    Feed the Dog by Paying Attention to the Type of Food

Tips for proper feeding for adult dogs are then carried out by paying attention to their body weight with both dry and wet food. These two types of food each have different doses. Every time you buy this type of food, you need to pay attention to the measure. For adult dogs, for example, if the dog weighs 18-27 kilograms, the appropriate amount of dry food is 500-700 grams per day. While the appropriate dose of wet food is 600-800 grams per day.

In conclusion, dog owners need to know the changing nutritional needs of adult dogs. Choose the best Royal Canin adult dog food for your dog. Great product for maintaining immunity, skin health, and digestive system with different flavors and types.

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