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Royal Canin Boxer Adult, What to Expect

Who doesn’t know the boxer dog, it is considered one of the most popular dogs around at the world. It becomes people's favorites not only because of the serious face that it has but also because of its behavior. Boxer is classified as a medium to large breed, it is not suitable for a domestic dog but also as a guard or as a herd. You can have this dog as both a working and cuddle companion.

Since the dog is really popular, Royal Canin manufacture is developing its own Royal Canin boxer adult food which is specially designed for boxer pure breed. Why does the company run the extra mile to make Royal Canin boxer an adult? The reason is simply that the company believes that boxer dogs require specific food to optimize their growth and behavior.

What is the Temperament of the Dog? How it is Related to Tailored Food Royal Canin Boxer Adult

Royal Canin Boxer Adult

When we talk about the boxer breed, what we have in mind is that the boxer dog is solicitous attention. This dog might appear different to people because this dog can separate who he recognizes as family and who is a stranger. For people who he regards as family, boxer dog is very friendly and faithful, you can trust your children with your boxer as it will protect them from any harm.

But his attitude might change drastically to strangers, as the dog will be more alert and suspicious to other people. It is the main reason why people choose this dog, as the dog can easily be distinguished who is his family and who is his enemy. The other reason why people choose this dog is its cleanliness as well as its intelligence.

Why you can trust this dog to your children? This dog is active so your child can play with it and they both will never get tired. Not only does boxer breed playful but also protective and patience, it is a perfect companion for your children as they will not be aggressive to children as long as you train them right.

What is the Relation of Boxer Mental and Physical Build to Its Food?

Royal Canin Boxer Adult

As boxer is classified into the medium and large dog it is important to find food that is suitable for the dog. Since the jaw of the dog is quite wide, it is quite hard for them to grasp the food with their mouth. Royal Canin boxer adult is developed to answer this problem, Royal Canin boxer adult is shaped differently than other dog food to allow the dog to grasp and chew the food properly.

But the shape of the food is not the only change that is made by the company, Royal Canin boxer adult food is also developed to reduce the possibility of inherited research such as include cancers, heart conditions, and arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy, hypothyroidism, hip dysplasia, and degenerative myelopathy, and epilepsy.

Knowing that boxer dogs might easily be affected by this disease, manufacture develop its own a Royal Canin boxer adult as a tailored food. It is the reason why the food that is specially designed for boxers contains L-carnitine, omega 3 fatty acids, EPA & DHA. Three ingredients are added to the food to reduce the risk of heart problems as well as any other serious health problems that are inherited by the dog.

What Nutritions Should Present on Your Boxer Food

Royal Canin Boxer Adult

As you know, a boxer is an active dog that needs daily exercise, they tend to make a mess at your house when they don’t have enough exercise. Since the dog is very active, it is normal for the dog to eat high calories food. These calories should be taken from animal protein such as chicken, turkey, lamb, and fish.

Since the calories on their odd are already high, you need to reduce the number of snacks that you want to give to your dog because snacks can lead to obesity which might cause heart problems. If you still want to give a treat to your boxer, you need to limit its number and frequency.

Polyphosphates are often added to the adult kibble, although the main function is to prevent the smell from your dog's mouth, it also helps reduce the cavity. It can be said that tailored food such as a Royal Canin boxer adult is designed to meet this standard of quality to be perfect. To develop this tailored food, manufacturers need to collect detailed information about the breed build-up as well as behavior.

Boxer Adult as a Companion

Royal Canin Boxer Adult

Boxer breed has been a perfect companion since the old days, it is not only today that this dog is helping their human to guard their properties. Originally, this dog was accompanied by its owner to hunt, because it has a large jaw that can keep the prey.

Later, the breed is stabilized by some of the dog experts, this process of stabilization helps the dog to become friendlier and approachable by other family members. As dog breeding has been stabilized, it makes the dog become one of the favorite domestic dogs.

Some of its nature might present in the dog, but it can be controlled by training them. Training a boxer dog is a lot easier than any other dog because this dog is smart. You might need to take your dog to dog school if you have no experience in teaching the dog, but it is doable by all family members as long as you use the same language to address the task.

Feeding your boxer with Royal Canin boxer adult is not only improving the physical appearance of your dog but also improves its mental state. Giving high-quality food to your dog will help them to remain active and intelligent to follow your instruction and task.

Besides high-quality food, taking your dog to do exercise is also necessary, if not you might need to prepare to see your house and furniture in a complete mess. If you take them doing exercise regularly, the boxer will be calmer at home. 

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