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A chihuahua, a mannequin and a bird: Random things people leave behind in Ubers


Uber liberated its 2019 lost-and-found index which includes listings of the most common things people often leave behind in Ubers and the most unique lost items.

The most common items that are forgotten in Ubers include cellphones, cameras, pouches, keys, glass, headphones, IDs, licenses, and purses.

Uber also substantiated 50 most unique pieces that people have forgotten after their trips including :

  • An eight-week aged coffee-colored chihuahua
  • A black-and-white tuxedo for a small dog
  • A full change of 18k gold teeth
  • A professional tier hula hoop
  • A Harry Potter magical sprigA fowl
  • A mannequinA fish tank with fish and irrigate
  • Dirty laundryOne Gucci flip dud

According to Uber, "the worlds largest" inattentive days of the week are Saturdays and Sundays and "the worlds largest" inattentive time period is 11 pm to 1 am. Parties left behind "the worlds largest" pieces on New Year's Day and Halloween.

Most people were likely to forget their watches on Mondays, headphones on Tuesdays, laptops on Wednesdays, books on Thursdays, passports on Fridays, telephones on Saturdays and cakes on Sundays.

Source by timeslive.co.za
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