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Rare Cat Breeds With Blue Eyes

They have gone on to produce litters with a variety of markings and they have perhaps the deepest blue eyes seen in any breed of cat. 4 the ojos azules is an extremely rare breed of cat with a coloured coat and blue eyes.

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The origins of the breed date back to 1984 when a tortoiseshell cat from a feral colony in new mexico produced a litter with intense blue eyes like hers.

Rare cat breeds with blue eyes. The breed s long and elegant body makes the cat incredibly graceful and it s thanks to this elegance that they re named after the exotic dancers of bali. One of the most well known blue eyed cat breeds the siamese is an ancient breed of cat which originated in thailand. The first two siamese cats arrived in england from bangkok in 1884 by acting vice consul at bangkok mr gould who gave them to his sister mrs lilian veley as a present.

These cats have regular point patterned coats with white paws and of course the unmistakable blue eyes just like the siamese. This blue eyed cat breed is a longhaired variety of the siamese. The balinese has a silky flowing coat and gorgeously deep blue eyes.

The name ojos azules is a spanish translation of blue eyes. Unlike the blue eyed siamese who can be prone to strabismus crossed eyes and the epistasis white cat who may also be deaf the gene doesn t appear to affect the eyes or ears. The snowshoe is a relatively rare breed which has the siamese as its ancestor.

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