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These are the 5 best dog breeds for empty nesters

Bernese Mountain Dogs,Dog Breed

With youngsters avoiding to varsity and moving out of the house, associate degree empty home will desire new found freedom -- however it may feel a bit bit lonely. If you're trying to feature a hairy new addition to the family, there area unit many explicit dog breeds you ought to consider!

Thanks to Good Dog, "(the first marketplace to use expert-backed vetting standards to make it simple for people to find a dog from a responsible breeder, shelter or rescue," we got the inside scoop on which breeds are the best for empty nesters. 

From the sweet and cuddly to the easy-to-train, scroll through the gallery below for the 411 on why these breeds make for the perfect companion.

"Bernese Mountain Dogs make for great family pets because not only do they have a sweet, affectionate disposition, but they’ll be sure to take up the space that your kids left behind with their large (and cuddly) size."

Bernese Mountain Dogs

"Beagles will make any family happy with their big floppy ears and adorable face. They are one of the most popular breeds in America and are perfect for families looking for an energetic, playful breed."

Dog Breed

"Bichon Frise makes for ideal furry companions among city-dwellers and families. While a small breed, Bichons are easily trainable and distinctive for their low-shed white coat.

Dog Breed

"Boxers have a fun-loving nature, but they’re also the hardworking, versatile, and vigilant types that are incredibly loyal to their family."

Dog Breed

"Great Pyrenees are perfect for parents who are looking for a majestic dog that has patience and tranquility as their two main traits. Not only are they gentle companions, but they also make for protective guardians — the best of both worlds."

Dog Breed

Source aol.com

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