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African Savanna Food Web Worksheet Answers

In the wild lions are part of a community and a food web. 728 x 546 large.

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6 african savanna food webs.

African savanna food web worksheet answers. 4th grade african savanna food webs explore guides 2019 2020 classroom extension worksheet. A lion is the top predator in its food chain and in the african savanna food web it is at the same level as hunting dogs leopards cheetahs and hyenas 237 238 239 answer answers about food chains and food webs. In this lesson we will investigate the food web of an african savanna to identify animals who live there and how their food is.

Quiz worksheet types of grassland food webs quiz. Now study the african savannah food web illustration below online or by printing out the high resolution pdf. Savannah food web worksheet.

The scavengers the termites vultures and hyena. The savanna biome encompassing australia and africa has a variety of creatures that dwell in this environment. In the african savanna lions hunt zebras fight with hyenas and are fed upon by fleas and ticks.

The decomposers or detritivores mushrooms. African savanna food web using the information that you discovered about animals of the african savanna place each of the animals on the food web based on how they get their energy. Choose an answer and hit next.

The quiz features questions on the way in which producers receive their energy and the weather of an african savanna. Any species is. Pack your bags as we are headed on a safari to the african savanna.

The secondary consumers the cheetah hyena. Note the different species and where they fit into the food web trophic levels decribed above. 728 x 546 max size.

The african australian savanna food webs 4 54. Published on december 19 2013 at 1 24pm by glenda stovall under ecosystem. About this quiz worksheet.

See what you know about african savanna food webs by using the worksheet and quiz. Print and fill out the african savannah food web trophic level data sheet pdf below. You can also use these two food web graphic organizers.

Draw in plants and animals of the food web that are missing. This is an african savanna food web see if you can identify all the parts of the food web that make this a functioning healthy ecosystem. You will receive your score and answers at the end.

You will have the opportunity to answer questions. You might be interest with others pictures of 6 african savanna food webs. Share to your friends or rate this picture here.

The primary consumers the zebras and elephants. Interactions like these were part of the evolution of the lions that you see in zoos. The producers the trees shrubs and grass.

Food crops but those insects are still competing with us for food.

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