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Types Of Marine Mammals

The current version was updated in may 2020. Some regard a few species of bats and even the arctic fox as marine mammals because they depend on food from the sea.

Family Delphinidae Ocean Dolphins Sea Mammal Mammals Sea Animals

Baleen whales mysticetes and toothed whales odontocetes.

Types of marine mammals. Cetaceans offsite link whales porpoises and dolphins are categorized into two main groups. Despite the diversity in anatomy seen between groups improved foraging efficiency has been the main driver in their evolution. Learn more about the types of marine mammals below.

The level of dependence on the marine environment varies considerably with species. Types of marine mammals. They are an informal group unified only by their reliance on marine environments for feeding.

Pinnipeds offsite link are in the suborder pinnipedia. Marine mammal species list this section will provide you with a huge list of marine mammals including cetaceans whales dolphins and porpoises fissipeds polar bears and otters pinnipeds seals fur seals sea lions and walruses and sirenians manatees and dugongs. Marine mammals comprise over 130 living and recently extinct species in three taxonomic orders the society for marine mammalogy an international scientific society maintains a list of valid species and subspecies most recently updated in october 2015.

The committee on taxonomy chaired by patricia rosel produced the first official society for marine mammalogy list of marine mammal species and subspecies in 2010 consensus on some issues has not been possible. Yet some scientists disagree on where to draw the line between terrestrial and marine mammals. This is reflected in the footnotes.

Conservation status codes listed follow the iucn red list of threatened. A comprehensive list of marine mammal photos in the stock photography database of phillip colla photography. There are over 70 different species of cetacean.

This list follows the society s taxonomy regarding and subspecies. The list is updated at least annually. They spend their lives in water and have many adaptations offsite link to their entirely aquatic lifestyle.

Marine mammals form a diverse group of 129 species that rely on the ocean for their existence. Marine mammals commonly are defined as mammals that require the ocean for most or all of their needs. Marine mammals are a fascinating group of animals and come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes from the sleek streamlined water dependent dolphins to the furry seals that haul out on the rocky coast.

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