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Giant Alaskan Malamute Weight Chart

After several generations of this tunnel vision breeding the dogs become bigger but oftentimes look off and not quite like a malamute. A few tips on the weight of the puppy malamute during its growth.

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The inuit s giant sled dogs were as tall as 35 and weighed over 190lbs.

Giant alaskan malamute weight chart. At 6 months the malamute female weighs on average between 22 3 kg for the smallest individuals and 25 4 kg for the largest individuals. But let s look at giant alaskan malamute size vs alaskan malamute size to get an understanding of the difference. These are tall dog breed as tall as 35 and weight over 190 lbs.

These days they are used as sporting companion dogs for events such as bikejoring and skijoring. These amazing dogs have incredible strength energy endurance and intelligence. The akc list the alaskan malamute size range between 23 and 25 inches at the shoulder and weighs 75 and 85 pounds.

The giant alaskan malamute is a selectively bred malamute that exceeds 100 pounds in weight. Given the akc don t recognise giant alaskan malamutes there s no breed standard for these oversized sled dogs. Despite the wild appearance the alaskan malamute growth chart is a good pet.

To get the larger size breeding pairs are selected based on size rather than fundamentally important qualities such as health structure type and temperament. Growth of malamute female. Heavier individuals 90 lb 41 kg and dogs smaller than 75 pounds 34 kg are commonly seen.

Giant alaskan malamute weight. Giant alaskan malamute weight. Historically giant malamutes were bred to pull heavy goods between cities throughout alaska.

Weights upwards of 100 pounds 45 kg are also seen. Appearance giant alaskan malamute. They have been recorded to pull loads up to 1 100 pounds.

There is often a marked size difference between males and females. Wakon giant alaskan malamutes are pure bred descendants of the pure m loot type of malamute that lived with the ancient inuit peoples in the high arctic hundreds of years ago. According to its size the weight of the malamute female at 3 months should be between 11 9 and 13 6 kg.

These giant malamutes were known to be the largest and strongest sled pullers and pack animals. Giant alaskan malamutes on the other hand are known to. There is no such thing as a giant malamute all malamutes go back to the same foundational stock.

It is believed that the breed was originally bred to drag heavy sleds with cargo over long distances as well as to help in the hunt for seals and polar bears. The coat of the alaskan malamute is a double coat. Although this dog is ready for action and also love physical challenges these dogs can also be cuddly and affectionate to their owners.

Their one main trait is food aggression this is a special character of this. As per the kennel clubs like akc standard alaskan malamute male dog can grow to a height of 25 inches and weigh approx 85 pounds whereas a female dog can grow to a height of 23 inches and weigh approx 75 pounds. Giant alaskan malamute temperament.

This is where the difference between giant alaskan malamute and standard malamute lies.

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