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Alaskan Malamute Blue Eyes Puppy

However when pups are born they can have a blue grey hue to their eyes in the first weeks of life. Yes they will tell you they are malamutes 100 as they cost a lot more.

Blue Eyes Mixture Of German Shepard And Alaskan Malamute Precious Alaskan Malamute Puppies Malamute Puppies Puppies

The eye color of the blue is never blue but rather it is hazel in color colors a light brown color with a tinge of green or gold like a ripe hazelnut this is the written description of the blue malamute.

Alaskan malamute blue eyes puppy. This is 100 natural and normal. See more ideas about alaskan malamute malamute cute animals. Alaskan malamutes can be blue eyed and i also had an alaskan malamute and he was a double surprise as we later found out.

He is gone g now but we had him for almost 15 years a good and long life. Kronos for a large alaskan malamute named after the titan and father of the greek god zeus. Brown is the basic of eye color in dogs and the shades of brown can vary from light brown through more orange tone right up to a dark brown that they appear almost black.

I have one malamute and one siberian and read a lot on both breeds. Eye color in dogs is determined by the type and amount of pigment in the iris of the eye. Real alaskan malamutes do not have blue eyes.

Slate after the type of rock. Sep 14 2015 needs met from blue eyed puppy love. Unless its an alaskan siberian husky.

It s possible that your dog may be a siberian husky alaskan malamute mix or a mix of some different breeds. I am guessing there is a blue eyed dog involved somewhere either a husky or a blue merle dog such as a maybe a collie or an australian shepherd. For those dog parents who like to name their pooches with meaningful names from across the world we suggest these names.

Notice the blue grey hue to his eyes. To the left you will see a pic of one of our red babies about 5 weeks old. This is an akc disquilifiing fault for the alaskan malamutes.

He was white and had one blue eye and one blue brown eye and he was a purebred malamute. The color is not black and not gray it is slate gray giving the dog a blue look. The size more closely resembles that of an alaskan malamute.

Hercules very strong man. Asher meaning happiness remy the french word for an oarsman on a racing crew. So unless they actually saw a registered pedigree of both the chow chow and the alaskan malamute puppy i would say that they have guessed wrong as both of these breeds should have brown eyes.

The blue eyes white coat and non curled tail suggest that your dog is a siberian husky though siberians are typically not that large. But alaskan malamutes do not have blue eyes. An alaskan malamute that is purebred will never have blue eyes period.

Then yes it will have blue eyes. First of all no. If someone tells you that their puppies will have blue eyes when they are grown or the parent dogs have blue eyes they are mixed with husky or something else with a blue eyed gene but they are not pure bred alaskan malamutes.

An alaskan malamute with blue eyes would be immediately disqualified.

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