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Afghan Hound Mixed With Golden Retriever

Afghan hound x golden retriever mix afghan retriever. On a dry riverbed.

Afghan Retriever Levriero Afgano Golden Retriever Saluki Breeds Retriever

As you ve probably guessed from the name of this breed the afghan retriever is a cross between an afghan hound and a golden retriever.

Afghan hound mixed with golden retriever. The result of breeding the golden and the afghan hound this mix is a beautiful dog that usually sports the color of the golden retriever but the body of the afghan hound parent. Both afghan hound and golden retriever has almost same life span. Afghan hound x chesapeake bay retriever mix afghan bay retriever.

The afghan hound has small brown eyes and an intelligent expression. Afghan hound may have less litter size than golden retriever. She was a mix breed of an afghan hound and a golden retriever and probably around 5 years old.

When we found her she had a big tumor on her tummy about 2 and 1 3 in diameter and a little less than an inch in height. Both afghan hound and golden retriever are having almost same weight. These are unusual beautiful dogs that have the long golden coat of the golden retriever and the tall athletic body of the afghan hound.

Afghan hound golden retriever mix probably the most elegant and unbiased purebred canine of the current time is extremely regarded for its loyalty and braveness. Afghan hound x cocker spaniel mix afghan spaniel. The golden retriever is smart eager to please and generally easy to train but while the afghan hound wants to please its owner it is also independent making it difficult to train.

They can be as tall as 27 inches and weigh up to 65 pounds with a powerful build large paw pads and a long neck. The afghan hound and the golden retriever make up the beautiful afghan retriever crossbreed. The assured swish posture together with the elongated head a pure silky topknot lengthy muzzle almond shaped eyes and naturally the lengthy thick textured coat make it arguably the prettiest amongst all purebreds.

Meet the afghan hound golden retriever mix image source bred from the sleek afghan hound and sturdy golden retriever the afghan retriever is the pinnacle of canine dexterity. Golden retriever afghan hound. Afghan hound x doberman pinscher mix doberghan.

Their long wavy coats add to their majestic physicality giving this crossbreed an air of elegance and strength. My husband and i named her chant and we decided to raise her as our daughter. The golden retriever is built solid and stocky with a large blocky head square muzzle and medium sized brown eyes.

Be sure to use positive reinforcement as your afghan retriever is a sensitive dog. Expect something in between with an afghan retriever. Afghan hounds are tall normally standing at 20 29 inches and weighs around 20 27 kilograms.

But golden retriever requires moderate maintenance. The afghan retriever s parents should be apparent just based on the name of this dog. Afghan hound x collie mix afollie.

The golden retriever is absolutely one of the most popular family dogs and is devoted smart and super friendly while the afghan is loyal dignified and independent. Afghan hound requires high maintenance. Afghan hound x briard mix afaird.

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