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4 Things that Influence Pomeranian Price in Kolkata


pomeranian price in Kolkata

The Pomeranian price in Kolkata varies. It depends on a variety of aspects. You may have to prepare around Rs500 or even more to get a Pomeranian in Kolkata. So, what are the factors that influence the price of Pomeranians? Check the details below and buy your favorite Pomeranian at a fair price.

The Age of the Breed

The first thing that affects the price of Pomeranians is its age. An older Pomeranian will be cheaper than a Pomeranian puppy. Buyers often buy a puppy because it looks cute. They can also treat the puppy as they want.

As the puppy gets older, they will easily be affectionate with their owners. The high demand for Pomeranian puppies makes this dog costly. On the other hand, old Pomeranian is cheaper since it is difficult to build their characters. Some old Pomeranians also have to deal with health issues that need a lot of money. People love to buy a Pomeranian puppy around 8 to 16 weeks.

The Quality of the Dog

The quality of the dog also affects the Pomeranian price in Kolkata among others. Indeed, a smart, pretty, and pleasing puppy is more expensive than ordinary puppies. The cost is even higher when the dog won a lot of competitions.

That’s why you should check the quality of the breeder first. A professional breeder will take care of their dogs well. The better the treatments of the dogs, the higher the quality of the dogs. Indeed, the cost will be more expensive.

The Color Pattern of the Dog

Believe it or not that the color pattern of Pomeranians affects its cost. For example, the price of a solid-colored Pomeranian is the most expensive than other versions because it is the rarest. Most Pomeranians are multi-colored. The cost is not too costly.

Buying a mixed breed Pomeranian is also a good option because these dogs often have a variety of cool colors and combinations. Get the best puppies if you want to buy them for investment in the future.

The Quality of the Breeder

The quality of the breeder also has a significant impact on the cost of the Pomeranians. Indeed, professional breeders understand how to take care of their dogs well. As a result, the dogs look healthy, pretty, energic, friendly, and others that increase their quality.

On the other hand, bad breeders can’t take care of their dogs. They only think about money without considering the health and condition of the puppies. Remember! The higher the quality of a dog, the more expensive the cost. You would better check the reputation of the breeder first. Use Pomeranian breeders in Kolkata as a keyword to find a reference online.  

So, you would better not buy a Pomeranian breed before learning the influences that affect the price of a Pomeranian. You will get the best Pomeranian price in Kolkata if you know the knowledge. The process will be faster and more efficient because you are looking for a puppy on your budget. As a result, you can bring your favorite puppy home immediately.


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