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5 Considerations when You Find a Pomsky for Sale Under $500


pomsky for sale under $500

Seeing a Pomsky for sale under $500 seems shocking. The cost of a healthy Pomsky is often around $1.000 and even $5000. Indeed, you still can find Pomsky under $500 in the market. There are various reasons why breeders or owners sell their dogs at a cheap price.  

The Behavior

Pomsky is a mixed breed between a Siberian Husky and a Pomeranian. That’s why you often don’t know its characteristics or behavior. Pomsky can be as active and grow bigger as Siberian Husky. On the other hand, they can be cute and fluffy like a Pomeranian. Indeed, you should check the characteristics of its parent before buying it. You are lucky if buying a cheap Pomsky with good behavior and appearance.

Temperament and Aggressive

Breeders or owners often don’t realize that a Pomsky can be a temperamental and aggressive dog. Indeed, it depends on the characteristics of its parent. The unexpected behavior makes owners can’t take care of this dog anymore. An adult Pomsky can be aggressive and temperamental as a Siberian Husky. Buying an aggressive Pomsky for sale under $500 is good if you are looking for a typical guard dog.


It is okay to buy a Pomsky if you love their appearance and characteristics and are also ready to take care of them. This dog is one of the high-maintenance pets. An owner has to spend about $2000 per year to take care of a Pomsky. The treatment price is including vet checkups, vaccines, toys and accessories, food and treats, and medical insurance. So, if you see a healthy Pomsky for sale and the cost is cheaper, you can buy it.

It Doesn’t Have Any Record

A high-quality Pomsky should have records, including vet care, achievement, parent, and other records. It shows where this dog is coming from and its condition. The reason why some owners sell their Pomsky at a cheap price is that they often can’t show the records. You would better ask about this record to the seller before buying the dog only because the price is below the industry standard.

A Dog from a Dog Broker

A Dog broker is different from a breeder. Both of them are selling puppies for profit, but breeders know how to handle their dogs well. Breeders have tight rules while taking care of their dogs and selling them.

On the other hand, dog brokers are only selling dogs for profit. They don’t care about the condition of the dog at all. That’s why it is not a matter if they sell the dog at a cheaper cost as long as they earn a profit. Check it first to ensure that you don’t buy from a dog broker.   

The point is that you may get a Pomsky for sale under $500 in the market. The most important thing is that you should know why the seller sells it at a cheap price. You can buy the dog if you think that you have to do it after knowing the actual condition of the dog and its owner. 

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