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Pocket Dog Buying Guide Price in India in 2022


Pocket Dog Buying Guide Price in India in 2022

Information about pocket dog price in India or other regions is always available in early 2022. Especially for those of you who want to buy this tiny dog ​​soon, there are many trusted online sites that you can rely on to check the best prices, to make transactions safely and satisfactorily. But buying a dog should not be arbitrary. There are several things you should pay attention to regarding the responsibility and how to maintain it.

Because when it comes to the house, dogs are not just playmates to relieve fatigue. He should be your best friend with guaranteed health and life. So what things should you prepare before choosing and buying a pocket dog at the beginning of this year? Let's see the description of the price in India pocket dog buying guide in 2022.

Why Pocket Dogs?

Among the many types of dogs, many people choose pocket dogs to be kept. Its small size and adorable behavior are the main reasons. Most of these dog breeds don't even grow up until they reach adulthood. Dogs are easy to pick up and carry anywhere, they can even fit in a bag.  That's why this mini dog is called "Pocket Dog".

But you should have extensive knowledge about pocket dogs before deciding to look at pocket dog prices in India, then choosing one to treat. Here are some facts you should know before buying and owning this tiny dog:

- No "Pocket" Dogs in The Official Dog Breed List

Characteristics of dogs are usually distinguished by breed. But the term "pocket" dog is not an officially registered breed. This term only refers to the benchmark size, which can be up to the size of a pocket or teacup. They are miniature versions of dog breeds that are already miniature, including the Beagle, poodle, Pomeranian, Shih Tzu, Maltese, Yorkie, and Chihuahua.

So, is there a certain size so that we can call a dog part of the "pocket" breed? According to the well-known American dog association, the Kennel Club', a dog can be called a "Pocket" when it weighs in at only 2-5 pounds or 0.9 to 2.2 kilograms. While the maximum height of the dog is 17 inches or 43 cm.

- Pocket Dogs are Not “Mini” by Nature

Mini size in dogs initially occurs naturally where they are born from pairs who are also mini. But soaring market demand led breeders to breed these dogs with questionable practices. Mini size in dogs is done by pairing pygmy dogs of each species, or dogs that have certain health problems. The goal is to get offspring that are even smaller in size.

- Has a Great Health Risk

The "naughty" practices of pocket dog breeders leave the dogs with vulnerable bodies and serious health problems. Purebred dogs are basically at risk for certain diseases such as blindness or heart problems and diabetes. But miniature dogs usually have far more serious health problems, as a result of abnormal breeding practices.

Dogs of this breed are prone to hypoglycemia or extreme drops in blood sugar, or even obesity. Hemorrhagic gastroenteritis also often affects dogs.  This does not include bone and joint problems that can be life-threatening in dogs.

- Be Prepared for Expensive Extra Treatment

While browsing the list of pocket dog prices in India, you should also prepare for the maintenance costs before deciding to adopt one. This doesn't mean you have to always take him to a dog beauty salon.  Instead, the treatment will focus on anticipating health problems that are likely to arise, given the dog's very vulnerable physical condition.

Be prepared for frequent trips to the vet when your little dog suffers an injury, fracture, or other organ problem. You are even estimated to have to spend up to thousands of dollars for care and treatment.

What to Prepare Before Buying a Pocket Dog?

The facts above are not meant to dim your intention to make this mini dog a friend. You should be able to do more preparation and early anticipation when the pocket dog arrives at your house. In addition to having to be aware of the health risks of pocket dogs, here are some things that must be prepared so that you are better prepared to welcome the arrival of pocket dogs to accompany your days:

- Cage and Travel Carrier

After all, a kennel is a dog's best home where you can comfortably monitor and supervise him. Meanwhile, travel carriers can be relied on when you want to take your pocket dog for a safe walk. For mini-sized dogs, it is recommended that you buy a cage made of plastic or fiberglass. Also, make sure the condition of the cage is always clean and well-maintained.

- Bed

Prepare a special bed that is soft and clean. It can be made of pillows, sofas, or thickly folded blankets. Pocket dogs should always be in comfortable conditions, including when they want to rest. Bedding should also be washed regularly so as not to jeopardize the health of your pocket dog of choice.

- Dog Collar

This tool is not only relied on when you take your dog for a walk. Collars can also be useful for markers that confirm a dog's identity. You can insert information about the dog, such as your name tag, address, and contact number on the collar. That way, when they've lost, a good person who finds them can easily return the pocket dog to your home. Make sure you choose a collar with the right material so it doesn't hurt the dog's neck. Nylon is one of the most recommended materials.

- Hygienic Cutlery

It includes a special dog bowl and water holder, making it easy for him to eat and drink comfortably. While you are browsing the list of pocket dog prices in India or elsewhere, you should also look at the price lists for dog feeding and play supplies. Choose a place to eat made of ceramic, glass, stainless steel, or plastic.

Also, Bedding should be washed regularly so as not to jeopardize the health of your pocket dog of choice. pay attention to the cleanliness of the place to eat so that your dog does not experience indigestion.

- Grooming Equipment and Dog Toys

This kit includes a hairdryer, bristle brush, comb, ear cleaner, nail clipper, toothbrush, shampoo, and towel. You should also learn how to use these tools so that pocket dogs can be cared for comfortably. Don't miss out on dog toys like balls and anything he can bite. You can go to a dog supply and toy store for a variety of options.

Pocket Dog Price in India or Other Regions

You can get information about pocket dog price lists online. Currently, the business of buying and selling mini dogs is very good, so you will not have a hard time getting information about price lists and various attractive offers.

You only need to type in the right keywords to get the most affordable and recommended price list. Pay attention to how these websites provide data about pocket dogs and their prices. Choose a well-known online site, has a good track record and reputation and has received many good reviews from previous customers.

How to Buy Pocket Dogs Online

Buying a Pocket dog for the first time online can be quite stressful and a lot of worries arise. But when you can choose the right online store, all those fears will be swept away, then replaced by the arrival of a cute little dog. You can ask for recommendations from friends or family who are experienced in buying dogs online. They will recommend the right website so you can adopt a pocket dog that suits your taste.

It would be even better if you get a pocket dog from a known seller. For example, they are your best friend, or maybe a friend of your best friend. Entering a group and community of dog lovers will open up opportunities for you to be closer to trusted dog sellers. You even have the opportunity to get informational support on how to properly care for the nearest recommended veterinarian.

There are many questions you should ask when you have chosen a dog for adoption. You must know what and how the dog's personality and lifestyle, medical history, favorite types of food, and other important things about dog care. You will also need to inquire about the dog's parents to make sure the dog's origins are clear and that it comes from a healthy breed. Ask anything you need to know through interaction via zoom or video call.

After looking at the list of pocket dog prices in India or elsewhere, you'll end up deciding whether to buy one or several or to look elsewhere. But when you're finally going to buy a pocket dog online, pay attention to the delivery location. Make sure the delivery location is close to the destination address. Or even if it is far away, the pocket dog delivery process must be carried out specifically and exclusively so that the dog is not stressed or sick to your home.

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